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Saving Lois and Clark – two homeless Pit Bulls living in a truck yard

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Lois and Clark lived under trucks for many months, but were scared of humans and wouldn’t let anyone get close to them.
A day before the rescue, I visited the rescue location to see where do the dogs usually hide so I’ll know what kind of equipment to bring with me.
The following day I was joined by Lisa Chiarelli, Lisa Arturo, Scott Bradley, Bree Skoczek and Zainab Zakria and we immediately got to work. The dogs were hiding under the trucks, so we sealed the area from all directions (and then we realized we did such a good job but we locked ourselves out 🙂
We asked the owner of the property to access the yard from inside his factory, and he was very kind to let us in.
It took a while, but we managed to first isolate Clark and Lisa Chiarelli got the loop around him, and a few minutes later when Lois realized that there is no way out, she stopped running and enabled Lisa Arturo to place the loop around her.
We all sat together under the trucks for a while so they could relax, and then we carried them to our cars so we could continue to the hospital.
Over the next few days, Lois and Clark went through such a beautiful transformation, and now we really really really need your help in finding them a home together.
Please share their video so we could find them a home together.
Thanks 🙂

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